This is a script for backing up Siemens Scalance switches.

The script logs in and connects with SSH to the switch, then copies the current configuration to a TFTP server.

Make sure that you have expect installed on your system (The Scalance switches do not support a more secure protocol).

Add/change the address of the TFTP server in the script below.
Supply the hostname or IP address of the switch together with a username and a password as arguments to the script.There is no confirmation from within a Scalance switch to see if the command ”cfgsave” was successful.
So this script is not able to tell if the configuration backup is actually on the TFTP server when finished.

The script can be added to Nagios or automated in other ways.
Tested with both Scalance X-200 and X300 series switches.

Version history:
1.0 2015-08-17 Initial version.
0.9 2015-02-16 Proof of concept.